I got a single board computer with Snap Dragon, DragonBoard 410c.

What is DragonBoard?

dragonboard02DragonBoard 410c is a credit card sized single board computer with Snapdragon 410, a Snapdragon series processor of Qualcomm.

Snapdragon 410 is a middle range of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor series adopted for many smart phone tablets, it is capable of 32 bit and 64 bit operation, and it is quad core ARM Cortex-A 53 of 1.2 GHz clock per core It has a powerful processor, a GPU called Adreno 306, supports 1080p HD video capture and playback with H.264 (AVC), supports 13 million pixel camera, and is an application processor with abundant multidia capabilities.
In addition to this Snapdragon 410 processor, DragonBoard has various external interfaces such as wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. OS also supports Android, Linux, Windows 10 IoT Core, it can be applied to a wide range of applications is.
In Japan it was available from the chip one stop, and the price was also very cheap as a little 10,000 yen so we decided to purchase it and try it. Various materials related to this board can also be obtained from special page of chip one stop.

Hardware basic information

USB boards (type A × 2, micro B × 1), HDMI, micro SD slot etc are installed on board as well as boot setting switch, wireless LAN / Bluetooth / GPS and user LED, button. In addition, three expansion connectors that can connect external circuits are prepared for Low Speed, High Speed, and Analog.
The power supply needs to prepare an AC adapter of 6.5 to 18 V, but since the shape of the connector on the board is different from the general shape (2.1 mm) in Japan, it is an EIAJ 3 plug (4.75 mm × 1.7 mm), so it is necessary It is necessary to prepare conversion connector etc. according to.

First of all, check operation

dragonboard04After purchase, we will first check the operation in this state. As Android OS is preinstalled at the time of purchase, it is possible to check the operation by simply connecting the power supply · HDMI monitor · mouse · keyboard etc. Follow the quick start procedure on this page.
1. When removing the board, make sure that all switches on the back side are OFF.
2. Connect the keyboard / mouse to the USB connector (J2, J3).
3. Connect the monitor to the HDMI connector.
4. Connect the AC adapter and turn on the power.
It takes a little while on first boot, but Android OS has started without any problems.
5. Confirm the operation of various software (It is the same operation as Android-based smartphone)

Enable USB debugging

dragonboard05Furthermore, USB debugging is enabled for various development using this board in the future.
Since Android OS preinstalled in Snapdragon 410c is Android 5.1 (Lollipop), by default the options for developers are not displayed and USB debugging can not be enabled.
So, with reference to the information posted on this site, USB debugging has been activated.
Display “About Phone” from the setting icon and tap “Build Number” 7 times (click with the mouse). This will display options for developers and enable USB debugging.
DragonBoard 410c supports Ubuntu-based Linux and Windows 10 as well as the pre-installed Android OS, and the installation method of these is also introduced in the Quick Start Guide.


Chip one stop special page : Various materials · Introduction of peripheral equipment, Link to forum, etc. are also available.
Qualcomm : Although there are not many technical materials, information on the original application processor, etc.